Submission Guidelines:

Submission Guidelines:


The Spring 2014 issue of The Unexposed magazine is now available to view and purchase online! Seven wonderfully talented artists are featured in this issue, focusing their work on the theme of Transition.

View it here:

Purchase it here:

*Information about submissions for our SUMMER 2014 issue can also be found within this issue!

The term “emerging artist” is thrown around a lot in the art world, but what does it really mean? Here are some ideas to consider when trying to define exactly what an emerging artist is:

Emerging professional artists are the principal creators of new work, and:

  • who take risks and embrace challenges;

  • whose developing voices reveal significant potential;

  • who are rigorous in their approach to creation and production;

  • who have some evidence of professional achievement but not a substantial record of accomplishment; and

  • who are not recognized as established artists by other artists, curators, producers, critics, and arts administrators.

- The term emerging refers to artistic development, professional accomplishment, and recognition, not the evolution within an artist’s work.

- Artists who show significant potential, yet are under-recognized. Examples of recognition include exhibitions, critical reviews, commissions, performances, grant awards, residencies, fellowships, publications, and productions.

What is your idea/definition of an emerging artist?

Thank you to all who submitted to the Spring 2014 edition of The Unexposed Magazine! For all of you who missed the deadline… we have good news! We have decided to extend the deadline for submissions until Sunday, March 16th!

This is your chance to have your artwork featured in a magazine! Please visit the Submission Guidelines page and read through the directions carefully before putting together your submission.

Artists who have been chosen will be notified shortly after the 16th!
Looking forward to viewing your work!

Please share this flyer and submit your artwork today!

I am happy to announce that the theme for next issue of The Unexposed Magazine as well as the deadline for submissions is now released!

*Please note, this will not only be the first issue released in about a year, but it will also mark the re-launch and re-design of the magazine. Please make sure to review submission guidelines before submitting any work. We accept photography, fine art (in all mediums), as well as creative writing!

The theme for submissions is Transition. Transition is defined as "the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another." As an artist you have creative freedom to conceptualize a work of art in any way you choose in regards to the theme. Please consider your submission carefully as not all submissions will be accepted for publication. 

- Deadline for Submissions:        Saturday March 1, 2014

- Selected Artists Announced:    Friday March 7 - March 8, 2014

- Expected Release Date:           Monday April 21, 2014

Please review submission guidelines here:

For any questions please email:

There’s a new way to stay up to date on the re-launch of The Unexposed Magazine… Twitter! Follow @TheUnexposedMag for announcements, updates, and the sharing of insightful/interesting things happening in the art world!

I want to take a minute and apologize to anyone out there who hasn’t forgotten about The Unexposed magazine. Personally, I took too much on this past year and I let the magazine get away from me… But no longer!

This semester I have a chance to work on an independent study, and I chose to use it to re-launch The Unexposed magazine! Right now, I am working towards a total magazine make-over by simplifying the submission process, and re-designing the magazine completely. Don’t worry, it will be amazing as ever, and still geared towards the emerging artist.

Here I will keep you updated on how the re-launch is going, as well as to release any themes / submission deadlines coming up in the near future! The new magazine will relaunch at the end of April 2014!

Thank you for your continued support!

The submission deadline for our next issue, Summer 2013; Freedom is tomorrow June 1, 2013! If you have a body of artistic work that you feel suits our current theme of freedom, please check out our guidelines and submit your work today!!!

The Unexposed Spring 2013

The Unexposed Spring 2013

Volume 2, Issue 1 Spring 2013 Theme: “Secrets”

Find out more on MagCloud


The Unexposed Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 1, Spring 2013 issue is now available to view online by clicking this link! This issue’s theme was “Secrets” please feel free to share this link with family and friends! ♥ Many thanks to all who contributed!

There are still about 9 spots available to be in the next issue of The Unexposed magazine! Please take some time and submit your artwork today! The deadline is on February 24th!!!!


So, if you haven’t heard The Unexposed Magazine is making some changes in the new year! (If you missed it, you can read that post here.) But today I’m releasing the information concerning the next issue! So take a look and start working on those submissions!

Theme: Secrets. Everyone has their own secrets. Do they haunt you? Have you told them to someone only to have them tell everyone else? Are people keeping secrets from you? Just some ideas to get you thinking! As an artist you have creative freedom to conceptualize a work of art in any way you choose in regards to the theme. Please consider your submission carefully, not all submission will be accepted for publication.

Deadline for submissions:
February 24, 2013 *
Expected release date:
March 24, 2013

We accept photography, fine art, and creative writing! And are always looking to receive more fine art and writing submissions.

* Remember, it is always best to get your submission in early! Also, please visit the submissions page for the updated requirements on submitting your work!